P C Henderson's Sterling 8000 Door Hardware Installed at Afghanistan Military Base

Completed Hangar Doors from Outside 2Road and Roof Construction Company (RRCC), a prime contractor for US Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan, has recently specified P C Henderson’s Sterling 8000 industrial sliding door hardware for the repair of an aircraft hangar at Kandahar International Airport, Afghanistan.

Serving as the country’s second largest international airport and home to one of its largest military bases (Kandahar Airfield) the airport is capable of housing up to 250 aircraft at any one time. The project brief required repair and restoration of the door system at Hangar 530, bringing it back to its fully functioning condition. Hangar 530 is one of the busiest and largest hangars at the base and features a huge work shop with a total area of 2016m² for the repair of combat helicopters and aircraft.

 M. Khalid Hanifi, Procurement and Logistics Manager at RRCC, commented “The existing hardware was damaged due to poor quality and not being able to cope with the weight of the doors – each shutter of the door weighs more than 3 tonnes. We needed a high quality, heavy duty system that could comfortably cope with the high demands of Hangar 530. P C Henderson’s Sterling 8000 sliding door hardware was quickly identified as the best solution”.

In total, 16 Sterling 8000 products were used including 32 top guide rollers to cater for the eight leaves of the Hangar door. The requirements of the project demanded that the top guide rollers were horizontal, each with a single or double steel roller, of suitable diameter and thickness, for optimum performance under the designated load conditions. It was also important that the product had permanently lubricated bearings, was made out of stainless steel and could easily be removed for cleaning to keep the product in optimum condition. After technical approval by US Army Corps of Engineers, it was recognised that Sterling 8000 met these project requirements exactly.

“Gaining the confidence of our clients in the products that we specify is very important for us. At first glance of viewing the product data for the Sterling 8000, our client accepted and approved the proposal. They were assured in an instant that Sterling 8000 was the most suitable option for a smooth and long operation at the military base. The online product data provided by P C Henderson was very straight forward and easy to understand, it was quick for us to see that the product would meet the requirements of this project”, continued M. Khalid.

Sterling 8000 makes up part of P C Henderson’s industrial range of sliding door hardware. The product caters for bottom rolling doors weighing up to a maximum of 8000kg and is perfect for heavy weight applications on single or multiple lines of track.

To find out more about Sterling 8000 or to view the wide variety of sliding and folding door systems P C Henderson has to offer, get in touch.