P C Henderson is pleased to announce the launch of our new company video!

Like a lot of businesses, video has become a significant marketing tool for P C Henderson in recent years. Our recent project of creating a company video aims to encapsulate what P C Henderson is all about and provide our customers, potential customers and other stakeholders with a real insight into the company, people and processes behind the brand.

Being a worldwide exporter, a lot of our customers may not get the chance to visit our facilities or meet the team members they speak with on a day to day basis. We're hoping the development of a company video is the next best thing.

“We are a forward thinking company. In the past customers would have to travel, often from overseas, to see our factory facilities and understand our business. Whist we welcome all visitors, we also understand that it is not always possible for people to visit us due to work and time commitments. This video enables potential and existing customers to step into P C Henderson from the comfort of their desks. “We pride ourselves on being a company that is flexible and easy to do business with, we are always working towards providing our customers with innovative solutions in customer service as well as our products”, Trevor Cossins, Managing Director.

Take a look below…