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Pocket Door Pro (for single and bi-parting doors)

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Professional pocket door kit that works with cavity walls for doors weighing up to 120kg

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Standard Kit (120mm or 125mm Finished Wall Thickness)With Soft Stop (120mm or 125mm Finished Wall Thickness)Max Door WidthMax Door HeightDoor Thickness RangeFinished Wall ThicknessMax Door Weight (Standard)Max. Door Weight (With Soft Close)Door MaterialApplication
PDKPRO1/120 or PDKPRO1/125n/a610mm1981mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
PDKPRO2/120 or PDKPRO2/125PROSOFT2/120 or PROSOFT2/125686mm1981mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
PDKPRO3/120 or PDKPRO3/125PROSOFT3/120 or PROSOFT3/125762mm1981mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
PDKPRO4/120 or PDKPRO4/125PROSOFT4/120 or PROSOFT4/125838mm1981mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
PDKPRO6/120 or PDKPRO6/125PROSOFT6/120 or PROSOFT6/125826mm2040mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
PDKPRO7/120 or PDKPRO7/125PROSOFT7/120 or PROSOFT7/125726mm2040mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
PDKPRO10/120 or PDKPRO10/125PROSOFT10/120 or PROSOFT10/125930mm2315mm35 - 45mm*120mm or 125mm120kg80kgWoodInterior
Description PDF DXF DWG
PDK PRO FWT 120 368.36 KB 10.22 MB 5.31 MB 5.32 MB
PDK PRO FWT 125 390.44 KB 10.75 MB 5.54 MB
  • Available in seven different kit sizes for 120mm or 125mm finished wall thicknesses
  • For non soft closing bi-parting doors, you will also need to purchase two HH4/AN track stops (see accessories).
  • Jamb kit, self close system and simultaneous action kits available as optional extras
  • Kit can be used with or without an architrave - providing the flexibility to create a traditional or modern look
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles - equivalent to opening and closing the door 5 times a day over the course of 55 years
  • Also available in fire rated and automated variants

Seven Different Kit Sizes

Pocket Door Pro is available in seven different kit sizes (which can be cut to size) and for finished wall thicknesses of 120mm and 125mm.

Optional Soft Close

This pocket door kit is also available with an included soft stop which catches the door in its final moments of travel and gently brings it into position – preventing slamming and improving product longevity.

Biparting Doors

For double pocket door applications, two kits should be specified. For non soft closing bi-parting doors, you will also need to purchase two HH4/AN track stops.

Wide Range of Applications

Pocket Door Pro is a professional pocket door kit that allows doors to effortlessly slide into a cavity wall. Designed with a high quality, aluminium cavity frame, the system is extremely robust – making it ideal for a wide range of applications including homes, educational buildings, hospitals, hotels and office blocks. The system is also ideal for disability access areas as well as rooms where space is limited such as bathrooms and ensuites.

Architrave Free

The pocket door systems flexible design also allows for an architrave free installation, simply install the 12.5mm plasterboard against the optional jamb kit for a flush finish.

Rapid Installation

The systems aluminium cavity frame comes with push together parts to allow for easy and rapid installation – watch our time lapse video to see just how quickly the system can be installed. A handy video is also available to guide you through the installation process – you can view this at the bottom of the page.

Flush Pulls and Lock Sets

Upgrade your pocket door kit with our wide range of flush pulls and lock sets, available in a variety of styles and finishes – please see accessories and spares.

* Door thickness when specifying with a FD60 fire rated jamb kit is 54mm.



Can this pocket system be installed into stanndard 100mm cavity (taking insulation out) between breeze block and brick ?
Question by: Kate Donkin on 22 Oct 2020, 01:00


Good Morning, Yes this will work as long as there is a clear 100mm gap throughout the entire cavity - to do this you will need to purchase a Pocket Door Pro kit which is suitable for a 125mm finished wall thickness. Many thanks,   Kate   Marketing Assistant
Answer by: admin admin (Admin) on 22 Oct 2020, 16:21


Which pocket door ystem can I use to allow a 610mm door with a soft stop? It seems that Pocket Pro 3 will suit?
Question by: Liz Lloyd-Taylor on 22 Nov 2020, 00:00


Good afternoon,   Unfortunately to use a soft close with our Pocket Door Pro, your door must have a minimum width of 686mm.   Many thanks,   Kate Marketing Assistant
Answer by: admin admin (Admin) on 19 Apr 2021, 15:37


Is the aluminium pocket door ‘pro’ a stronger / stiffer frame than the steel kit?
Question by: Ian on 16 Dec 2020, 00:00


Good afternoon,Our standard Pocket Door uprights are made from timber wrapped with steel.Our Pocket Door Pro uprights are made from aluminium to allow for a more robust system for areas of high use.Many thanks,P C Henderson
Answer by: admin admin (Admin) on 16 Dec 2020, 16:12


Is there room in the the frame to run wiring and fit an electric light switch?
Question by: Keith Lawson on 4 Feb 2021, 00:00


Good morning,Wiring can be used if fastened tightly to the plasterboard. If this is possible will depend on your door thickness.Thanks,KateMarketing Executive
Answer by: admin admin (Admin) on 8 Feb 2021, 10:25


How are plaster boards fixed to this system ?
Question by: Dave on 30 May 2021, 01:00


Hello Thank you for the question and apologies for the delayed response. The plasterboards are fixed to the timber uprights of the pocket door system with screws, panel pins or grab adhesive. There are some illustrations of this in the installation instructions which you will find on the website. I have added a link below to the pocket door page and you will see the installation instructions at the bottom of that page.   Regards, John  
Answer by: admin admin (Admin) on 28 Jun 2021, 14:30
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