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Fire Door Safety Week 2020

by Kate Donkin on 22/09/2020

P C Henderson is supporting Fire Door Safety Week 2020 to help increase our customer’s awareness and understanding of the purpose of fire doors. Launched in 2013, the campaign aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of fire doors, drawing particular attention to the recognition of poor installation and maintenance
  • Encourage building owners and residents to check the operation and condition of fire doors and report if necessary
  • To link organisations together who have a common interest in fire door safety
  • To educate property owners and the building industry on the correct specification, supply, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of fire doors

Why are fire doors important?

On a typical day, a fire door is used like any other door. However, as the break out of a fire cannot be anticipated, a fire door must be used correctly for the protection of both life and property if a fire was ever to arise.

Fire doors fulfil a lifesaving role in preventing the passage of smoke and fire for a specified period of time (usually 30 or 60 minutes). They are not only a vital component in the containment of fire in the room of origin but also protect escape routes, giving occupants enough time to safely exit the building.

What are the testing requirements of fire doors?

A fire door set is made up of the door frame, leaf, ironmongery, glazing and seals. Each individual component must fulfil its role in order for a fire door to achieve its function.

As a manufacturer of sliding and folding door hardware, our Marathon Fire Rated and Pocket Door Pro Fire Rated systems have been tested by a UKAS accredited company to meet the British Standard, BS 476-22:1987. Our hardware systems can then be combined with a certified fire door and necessary components to become a complete fire door set.

Our Pocket Door Pro Fire Rated has been certified to both FD30 and FD60 standards and is available for both self-closing and non self-closing applications. The kit comes complete with intumescent seals which expand when exposed to heat – closing the gap between the door and the frame to reduce the passage of fire and smoke.

Alternatively, our Marathon Fire Rated has been certified to FD30 standards for doors weighing up to 90kg and is available for self-closing and non self-closing applications.

To find out more about Fire Door Safety Week and to get involved, please click here.