Transform Your Home with Pocket Doors

Whether you are moving into a new property or refurbishing an existing one, doors are probably not at the top of your agenda when thinking about interior design.

People usually focus on choosing furniture pieces, picking the right style of kitchen cabinets and worktops, ponder whether to install a walk-in shower or a bath, and mull over paint or wallpaper to create that stunning feature wall. However, when it comes to selecting internal doors, homeowners tend to stick to the ‘same old’ traditional swing door system.

You might consider which way the door should swing, will it obtrude any furniture, different materials, colours and styles to go with the rest of the interior, or the type of handle you would like.

These are important features, but did you know that the traditional swing door can often limit your design choices when it comes to installing appliances or picking the perfect spot for that beautiful armchair you bought?

Talking Point

A fantastic alternative that creates space, as well as extra charm and character, is a pocket door system. Our unique sliding mechanism allows the door to slide to one side and then disappear into the cavity wall, removing the obtrusion of a swing door while providing a distinctive opening.

You can increase the amount of natural light entering a room – for example with the use of timber framed glass doors. You can also change the overall feel  and architecture of a space, creating a seamless and continuous flow around the room.

They are also a great talking point as they provide an unusual feature to show off to friends and family, and can help attract potential buyers if you’re planning to sell your house.

Single vs Double

Single Pocket Doors are particularly suitable for smaller rooms such as en-suites, toilets and bathrooms, as well as storage areas including walk-in wardrobes, utility rooms and pantries. In principle, they are ideal for any area of your home where the movement of a swing door eats into the floor area, taking up valuable space.

Double Pocket Doors, on the other hand, are a great way to add a little grandeur to a main room or help direct the flow in an open-plan design between the kitchen and living/dining room. This creates a flexible layout that can be opened up when socialising and closed for privacy, without breaking up the room like a traditional door would.

When choosing Pocket Doors for your home, homeowners need to make sure they use high quality hardware components, as these will determine the longevity and functionality of the complete system. P C Henderson’s Pocket Door hardware comes with a pre-assembled aluminium track and header mechanism, and stud supports to create the cavity. The company also offers an online installation video along with complete fitting instructions to ensure easy installation.

Style and Quality

The hardware comes in six different variants to cater for a variety of different opening spaces and can cater for wooden doors up to 60kg. Additional extras to add to the refinement of the product are also available, such as soft stops which gently decelerate doors into position as well as simultaneous action kits where double doors are required.

If you're interested in a pocket door system, you can contact our highly skilled and knowledgeable sales team who will provide you with expert advice on all aspects of selection, ensuring you choose the right products for your home.

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