Bringing Tangent Round the Corner Back to Life

P C Henderson has received a number of enquiries recently from customers carrying out impressive restoration projects using some of our original systems which date back almost a century.

Manufactured in 1923, just two years after the company was founded, Tangent Round the Corner grew to be a flagship product for P C Henderson in the 1920’s. The product became so successful that it was the driving force behind the expansion of our overhead runways and sliding door gear. It was also the name behind our first purchased premises in 1924 – ‘Tangent Works’.

Homeowner, Paul Whitcomb, recently approached us having purchased an original set of P C Henderson’s Tangent Round the Corner hardware from eBay. Paul required a number of additional components in order to finish his project including a channel, roller guide bolt, bow handle and steel guide channel.

Paul commented, “I needed a Round the Corner set of garage doors for a very low roof height garage and so I picked up a second hand vintage set of doors complete with P C Henderson Tangent fittings from eBay. The kit is quite some age but the build quality is so good that with a wire brush clean up I managed to recycle almost all of the kit as it is.  I needed a few spare components which P C Henderson were extremely helpful with”.

Paul got in touch again recently to show us the finished product which we were extremely impressed with. It’s great to see one of our original products restored back to its former glory.

“It’s great to see the kit start a second lease of life and I'm confident that this tour of duty will certainly outlast me! The hardware is well designed and a real example of great British engineering at its finest and I’d suggest an even rarer example of excellent customer care from Adam at P C Henderson”, continued Paul.

Combining British design with state of the art manufacturing facilities, P C Henderson’s products are designed, manufactured and tested to withstand the test of time and often outlive the lifetime of the building.

Andrew Royle, Sales and Marketing Director at P C Henderson, “The fact that we are seeing an increase in the number of enquiries regarding the restoration of our older products cements the company’s reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of sliding and folding door hardware, our products are built to last.”

Our products are routinely tested to over 100,000 cycles and modified to take advantage of the latest technology and materials to ensure they are fit for purpose and will last the lifespan of the building.

For more information on this product or any others in the P C Henderson range, please get in touch with a member of our team.