Case Study: P C Henderson is Specified for Water Park Gates at Shanghai Disneyland

One of the most spectacular and innovative Disney theme parks in history, Shanghai Disneyland, has specified P C Henderson’s Straight Sliding 307 hardware for the installation of two large gates in its water park. The 963-acre Shanghai Disney Resort features a lofty 196-foot-tall castle, rides and hotels. The resort cost $5.5 billion to build and opened to the public on 16th June 2016.

Our Straight Sliding 307 hardware, comprising tracks and hangers, was specified for its unique product capacity of 2000kg. The architectural hardware consultant working on the Shanghai Disneyland project required sliding gear that was capable of moving two large gates with a weight of around 3500kg.

We worked closely with the fabricator to come up with a solution to meet the weight capacity of the large gates and were able to find a solution by merging four hangers into one to carry the gates effortlessly.  Due to their large size, the fabricator installed the 307 sliding hardware together with the gates on-site, utilising 11 tracks, 18 hangers, 60 brackets and 10 stops. The system is versatile and designed to cover any width of opening, with any number of gates or doors used on single or multiple lines of track.


Straight Sliding 307 is suitable for timber or metal doors and gates and offers a large range of benefits and options. Each system is individually specified from the large selection of components in the product range such as hangers, brackets, guides and channels to ensure that the most suitable hardware is selected for each individual project.

The system has also been designed to accommodate a wicket door within the large gates or doors to allow for ease of access for personnel on a daily basis. In addition, the doors or gates are able to slide to one or both sides to accommodate different building designs.

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