Seven P C Henderson team members took part in the extreme 12k obstacle course Total Warrior at the weekend, held at Bramham Park, Leeds.

Now in its fourth consecutive year, the event consists of 30 grueling obstacles over a 12 kilometre route. The team tackled the obstacles head on including river wading, 10 tonnes of ice, climbing over giant A-frames, crawling under barbed wire, uphill cargo net climbs and a whole lot of mud before enjoying a giant 30 metre long water slide and a 15 foot air bag jump at the end.

In a bid to get ‘warrior ready’ for the event the team set up a small running group with weekly training events over a 3 month period – this certainly paid off with all of the team finishing and only a few minor cuts and bruises in sight.

A great day was had by all, well done to all of the team involved!