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Our Market Leading Range of Husky Sliding and Folding Door Hardware

by Kate Donkin on 08/09/2020

Launched over 20 years ago, our range of Husky hardware has evolved over the years to become one of P C Henderson’s most versatile systems. Catering for a range of different applications including single and bi-parting doors, sliding and folding applications and standard or soft close operation - Husky is ideal for interior, residential and commercial projects.

Husky Sliding

Catering for wooden and metal doors weighing up to 100kg, H

usky Sliding door kit can be specified with a choice of steel, aluminium or anodised aluminium track to cater for a range of applications. To allow for further flexibility of installation, the track can be soffit fixed or faced fixed.

Husky Soft Stop

Our most recent addition to the Husky range - Husky Soft Stop has been designed with a built in dual soft close and open which gently decelerates the door into the open and closed position. Catering for wooden and metal doors weighing up to 100kg, the system boasts anti slamming properties to increase product longevity.

Husky Low Headroom

Designed to reduce the clearance between the track and the top of the door, Husky Low Headroom is the ideal hardware system for applications which require a minimalistic finish due to the hard

ware being concealed.

Pocket Door

Utilising components from our Husky range, our innovative pocket door kit allows sliding doors to disappear into a cavity wall - offering amazing space saving benefits in areas where space is limited. Available for single and bi-parting doors weighing up to 60kg each – our Pocket Door kit is also available with the addition of a dual soft close system to reduce slamming.

Husky Glass

Husky Glass is ideal for glass partition doors weighing up to 50kg and 75kg with the option of both soffit and face fixed installation for increased flexibility. For enhanced aesthetics, Husky Glass is available with a clip on fascia to create a minimalistic finish.

Husky Telescopic

Ideal for sliding room dividers and partition doors - Husky Telescopic caters for multiple wooden doors weighing up to 80kg each to cover openings up to 3380mm wide. When open, the doors become neatly stacked sliding partitions. The system has been expertly designed without a bottom channel – leaving a clear walkway between rooms. Upon opening the lead door, the follower doors travel simultaneously.

Husky Folding

Husky Folding door hardware provides a simple and flexible solution for folding doors weighing up to 25kg and 40kg. The system can accommodate up to 4 wooden doors folding to either side of the opening.