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Case Study: P C Henderson’s Flagship Product - Securefold - Specified for Modern Home Renovation in Belgium

by Kate Donkin on 12/03/2019

Date: November 2018

Project: Home Renovation of Modern Property

Products: Securefold 100 Exterior Folding Door Hardware


Meca Welding, a small family run Blacksmith company based in Belgium, has recently specified P C Henderson’s Securefold folding door hardware for the renovation of a pool house at a residential property in Shilde, Belgium.


Specialising in the creation of wrought iron windows and doors, Meca Welding worked with the owners of the property to specify an exterior folding door solution for the pool house. The project brief required a system which could be fully opened during the warmer months and securely closed off during the winter - whilst also considering the architectural style and design aesthetics of the building.

Vincent Campforts, General Manager at Meca Welding, commented “We opted for glazed doors with a black wrought iron frame in order to match the homes modern interior. Due to the slim profile and minimalistic design of the doors, it was important that the hardware used to create the folding mechanism would complement the doors exactly.”


P C Henderson’s Securefold 100 exterior folding door hardware was identified as the best solution for the project.

“After carrying out some online research, we came across P C Henderson. We contacted the companies Holland office and arranged a visit to their showroom where we could view some of the systems first hand. After viewing Securefold we knew it was the perfect system for our project – it was secure, versatile, sleek in design and readily available in the matt black finish we were looking for”, continued Vincent.

Due to Securefold’s multiple configuration options and high levels of flexibility, Meca Welding was able to provide its customer with a system that met their exact requirements – 6 panels folding inwards to one side – providing a completely clear opening for those warm summer months. 

Why Securefold?

Rene van den Biggelaar, Business Unit Manager at P C Henderson commented “Securefold is an all-encompassing system – its high levels of flexibility means that it can be used for almost any exterior folding door solution. We were delighted to be able to work with Meca Building on this project and see our hardware combined with the wrought iron doors they created – it created an impressive contemporary style and it was great to see our Securefold system used in this way”. 

P C Henderson’s Securefold folding door hardware is available in four different hinge options (standard, mortice radius, mortice squared and non-mortice), four stunning finishes (black, gold, satin and chrome), top hung and bottom rolling variants and a range of door configurations to suit both inward and outward opening. The system is manufactured using marine grade 316 stainless steel making it ideal for exterior and coastal use.

For more information about Meca Welding, please visit their website.