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P C Henderson’s Rustic Product Feature’s on DIY SOS: The Big Build

by Kate Donkin on 15/01/2020

P C Henderson’s Rustic 100 sliding barn door hardware has recently featured in UK series, DIY SOS: The Big Build.

Running for over 20 years, the award winning BBC One series aims to help support deserving families by transforming their homes with the help of local tradesman and suppliers who volunteer their time and materials to support the renovation.

In 2018, P C Henderson donated three Rustic 100 kits to a life changing project for Chris and Tara Morfey and their five children who live in Plymouth. The episode, which aired late last year, aimed to provide a disabled friendly, lifelong family home for Ben and Josh, the two eldest sons of the family, who both have cerebral palsy.

After struggling in their original multi-levelled home – and with insufficient funds to make it disabled friendly – the family bought an old wrought iron forge which was in need of renovation. The family started work on the renovation but unfortunately the couple’s daughter, Yazz, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and so they were forced to place the renovation on hold.

One year later and the house was still unbuilt –  with no hot water, heating, kitchen or a suitable living space meaning their severely disabled son Ben was living in residential care and Yazz was receiving her life saving treatment miles away from the family home. Not only that but the couples youngest son, Vinny, had developed a heart murmur from the stress of being separated from his mum and living in a building site.

In order to provide both Ben and Josh with as much independence as possible, the DIY SOS team stepped in to convert the forge into an open plan kitchen, living room and medical storage area. To allow for extra space, our Rustic 100 kits were installed in the bedrooms and the entrance to the utility room.

As an alternative to a traditional swing door, our Rustic 100 holds the additional benefit of reduced floor space required for the door to operate, making the system ideal for areas where interior space is limited and mobility access is required.

Andrew Royle, Sales and Marketing Director at P C Henderson, commented “As a company, we have donated to many DIY SOS projects over the years – including 3 projects in 2018. It is a fantastic opportunity to help support deserving families all over the UK.”

“Sliding doors bring with them a range of benefit’s including increased accessibility and minimal floor space required – making our hardware ideal for properties whereby disabled friendly access is needed.”

Available in 2 and 3 metre track lengths, the system can cater for wide doors up to 1500mm. Catering for internal wooden doors weighing up to 100kg, the system is available in matt black, stainless steel or an antique rust finish. Designed with beautifully crafted barn style hangers which fasten down the front of the door, the system is ideal for period properties or to simply create a unique feature in the home.

Click here to watch the episode.