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Salt Spray Testing – What Our Products Go Through

by Kate Donkin on 06/11/2018

External sliding and folding door systems are proving to be extremely popular in coastal properties in order to take full advantage of the scenic views that coastal properties can offer. When installing such a system it’s important to utilise hardware which provides high levels of corrosion resistance against salt spray and sea air.

P C Henderson’s external systems - Soltaire, Stainless Steel and Securefold - have all been subjected to extensive salt spray testing. Here’s an insight into what our hardware is goes through in such a test…

The Test

Salt spray testing is available for doors, windows, shutters and all associated hardware to provide an indication of how the component will cope when exposed to elements such as seawater, salt spray and sea air.

During the test, components are placed into a closed testing chamber and exposed to high concentrations of salt for up to 480 hours. Components are monitored for any signs of corrosion and rust during this time period - if any signs of rust occur, the component is removed from the test.

Based on the components performance to the test, it is graded against the BS EN 1670 scale below:

Grade Time period Application
0 - No defined corrosion resistance 0 hours
1 - Low corrosion resistance Up to 24 hours For indoor use with a dry, warm atmosphere
2 - Moderate corrosion resistance Between 24 - 48 hours For indoor use with a small presence of condensation
3 - High corrosion resistance Between 48 - 96 hours For outdoor use which is subject to occasionally rain
4 - Very high corrosion resistance Between 96 - 240 hours For outdoor use which is subject to severe weather
5 - Exceptionally high corrosion resistance Between 240 - 480 hours For outdoor use which is subject to  severe weather conditions where long term protection is needed

P C Henderson’s components performed extremely well - with the majority achieving grade 5 standards. In addition to the above rigorous testing our Soltaire, Stainless Steel and Securefold systems are all manufactured from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to ensure the upmost in durability.