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Product Maintenance

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Product Maintenance

For Pacer Glass, Pacer Sliding, Flexirol Glass, Flexirol Sliding, Flexirol Endfold, Flexirol Centrefold, Flexirol Multidirectional


• It is recommended that the running surface within the aluminium track is kept free of debris, dirt and obstruction. No grease is required to aid the rolling of the hanger wheels.

• Where fitted to the outside of the building, it is recommended that a protective canopy be fitted (not by PCH). Inspect all fixing bolts for tightness every six months. Tighten if necessary.

Glass clamp profiles

• Glass Clamp Profiles – Any keyless locking mechanisms should be checked for excessive wear and regreased if necessary (accessed by removing the black plastic end cap), and at least every six months.

• Glass Clamp Profiles – Key locking mechanisms should be oiled with WD40, or equivalent, every six months or as necessary.


• Flexirol hangers are fitted with sealed lubricated ball bearings, requiring no greasing.

• If doors settle and the door clearance is reduced causing contact and friction with the floor then the door will need to be raised using the hanger height adjustment bolt. Ensure that the lock nut is correctly tightened after the necessary adjustments have been made.


• If a guide channel is fitted, the guide roller and channel must be kept clear of debris and free from obstruction.


• Inspect all fixing bolts for tightness every six months, including those securing bolts found on glass clamps.

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