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Product Maintenance

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Product Maintenance

for Mansion, Majestic, Sterling and College


• Keep rails free from obstruction and excessive dirt or water.

• Where fitted to wet locations (e.g. docks), provide drainage for the channel in which the rail is set.

• In corrosive locations (e.g. seafronts), the exposed part of the ungalvanised hot or cold rolled steel rails may be coated with rust inhibitor and painted periodically. We do not recommend this to be done to the rail running tread, which like railway track is best protected by frequently operating the doors and possibly by lubricating occasionally.


• Guide rollers and guide channel must be kept clean and free of obstructions.

• Running surfaces must be greased every six months or more frequently, depending on use.

• Guide roller spindles must be oiled and greased every six months.



• Bottom rollers fitted with grease nipples must be lubricated with a suitable, good quality automotive grease every six months, or more frequently in hot exposed locations, or where doors are constantly being operated. Those not fitted with grease nipples either have greased or sealed precision bearings or plain bearings requiring no maintenance.
Should rollers be exposed to excessive dirt or corrosive substances they should be protected by a suitable box-cover.

• The chain and gears on geared rollers (Sterling 3600 and 8000) must be lubricated with automotive grease every six months, and chain tension adjusted ensuring that any protective covers or guards are securely refitted on completion.


• Inspect all fixing bolts for tightness every six months, including those securing brackets. Tighten if necessary.

• Lubricate all moving parts and check for wear. If excessively worn, the part should be replaced.

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