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The Hidden Benefits of Pocket Doors

by Kate Donkin on 25/03/2019

As the number of first time buyers hits the highest levels in over a decade, combined with a major decrease in the size of the average new build home – it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for inventive and innovative ways to save space in the home.

This may explain the ever growing trend in Pocket Doors in recent years as home owners look for new ways to save space in the home…

Space Saving

Did you know that a traditional swing door can take up to 10 or more feet of valuable floor space? A Pocket Door system can free up this space by allowing doors to glide along a track and disappear into a cavity wall out of the way.

Single Pocket Doors used in smaller rooms hold the most valuable space saving benefits. For example spaces such as en-suites, bathrooms, storage areas, walk-in wardrobes, utility rooms and pantries – can all reap fantastic benefits from a sliding Pocket Door.  Swing doors can often be inconvenient in spaces such as these, causing difficulties when attempting to open a door inwards.

Swing doors can also be inconvenient in areas where they open onto a narrow corridor or hallway, often causing an obstruction. Pocket doors can solve this by simply sliding into a cavity wall – leaving the corridor completely clear.

Flexible Living

On the other hand, bi-parting Pocket Doors are a great way to add a little grandeur and ‘wow factor’ to a room or to help break off rooms in an open plan design - for example when used between a kitchen and living room.

Ease of access is also another notable benefit of Pocket Doors, an individual living with mobility issues may find a swing door difficult to maneuver through, particularly when using a wheelchair. Pocket Doors create a completely clear opening, allowing for easy movement from room to room.


If you’d like to add some architectural charm to a room, Pocket Doors are a great way to do this - particularly when combined with the correct type of door. Hardware can be combined with wooden or glass paneled doors enabling homeowners to create a traditional or contemporary appearance, depending on the existing décor. They’re also a great feature to show off when giving a home tour and can also help attract potential buyers. 

Choosing the Right Hardware

There are a number of factors which must be taken into consideration when choosing a Pocket Door kit.

  1. What are your door measurements? It’s important to choose a kit which effectively accommodates the weight, height and width of a door – particularly if you are using a large and heavy door.


  1. Is the system to be used in a residential or commercial applications? For areas of heavy use such as educational buildings, hospitals, hotels and offers, it’s important to understand how the kit works within the cavity - aluminium uprights will offer a more robust system.


  1. You should also consider whether any extra features are required to add to the refinement of the product. Pocket doors are often combined with soft close systems to allow gentle deceleration of the door into an open or closed position – this minimises slamming which can add to the lifespan of the product.


  1. Is your pocket door to be used as a part of a fire door set? If so, you must ensure the system has been tested to FD30 and FD60 standards and should be fitted with a solid core FD30 or FD60 timber based door.


  1. How do you want your pocket door to operate? Pocket doors can be opened manually by hand or automatically by control switch, remote control or motion sensor.


  1. Its also important to choose a reliable and experienced manufacturer. When it comes to door hardware, quality is of the upmost importance – if you think about how many times a door can be open and closed in its lifetime it’s important to choose a system which is robust enough to cope with this. A good piece of hardware should most certainly outlive the lifespan of its owner.  


P C Henderson’s new Pocket Door Pro not only offers a professional and versatile sliding door solution - available in standard, soft close, self-close, automated and fire rated variants.

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