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The Versatility of the P C Henderson Range

by Kate Donkin on 27/07/2020

With over 60 core products and a wide range of accessories to choose from - P C Henderson’s range of sliding door gear caters for virtually any application.

With this in mind, it can be hard to know where to start. In order to aid the specification process, we’ve broken our range down into six key functionality types – sliding, folding, multidirectional, round the corner, automated and louvre hardware. Read our helpful overview of each function and the features and benefits of each below:


Sliding door gear offers a whole host of benefits. In residential and commercial applications sliding doors are a great way to save space, create open plan rooms, increase natural light and provide easy access. For industrial applications - such as factories, warehouses and agricultural environments - sliding door hardware allows for the easy movement of large and heavy doors.

P C Henderson’s range of sliding door hardware caters for lightweight cupboard doors weighing up to 9kg - right up to large industrial doors weighing an impressive 8000kg. Our systems cater for single and bi-parting doors, top hung and bottom rolling applications and soffit and face fixed installations.Bifold doors


Whether you’re looking to create a bi-fold cupboard door, a versatile room divider or a stylish external system to open up your home to the outside world - P C Henderson can offer a solution.

When used internally, bi-fold door hardware is a great way to create flexible room dividers throughout the home. When open, the doors can neatly fold to one side to open up two rooms into one - with the option to create two private environments by closing the doors. When used externally, bi-folding doors not only increase the flow of natural light throughout the home but also help to maximise external views and create an indoor-outdoor flow.

Catering for metal and wooden doors, P C Henderson’s folding door hardware range accommodates bi-folding doors weighing up to 150kg.


Ideal for shop fronts, moveable walls, conference rooms, restaurants and internal partitions – our multidirectional hardware is designed using a stacking system whereby panels can be stored completely clear of the opening. With a choice of two hangers providing 90 or 135 degree movements, our Multidirectional system caters for metal, wooden or glass panels weighing up to 100kg and 500kg. P C Henderson’s range of multidirectional door hardware offers unparalleled flexibility without compromising on the practicality of the application.


P C Henderson’s robust range of top hung systems for round the corner applications caters for metal and wooden doors weighing up to 35kg and 70kg. Ideal for applications where a unit of stacked doors is unsuitable, Tangent Round the Corner allows doors to slide around a corner, automatic sliding door in kichenclear of the opening and park along the adjacent side of the wall. This product was initially introduced to our range over 60 years ago but is still extremely popular in traditional and period properties.


To help improve mobility and create easy access between rooms, automatic sliding doors are a great addition to any residential or light commercial environment. Catering for metal, wooden and glass doors, P C Henderson’s Evolve is a highly sophisticated sliding door system that works at the push of a button, remote control or activation of a motion sensor. Available for single, bi-parting or pocket door applications, the system caters for doors weighing up to 80kg.

SHUTTERSsliding window shutters

Sliding shutter systems are becoming increasingly popular in warmer climates as a way to harvest energy, optimise temperatures, increase air ventilation and provide flexible privacy options in both residential and commercial properties.

P C Henderson’s high performing range of sliding shutter hardware allows for the movement of louvre panels by either manual or automated operation. Catering for metal and wooden louvre panels weighing up to 120kg, Shutter Slide is available for single, bi-parting and telescopic applications.