Evolve Helps Ease Movement Within the Home
According to the latest statistics, one in five disabled people believe that their accommodation is not suitable as their home requires adaptation.

Research by national charity, Aspire, has determined that fewer wheelchair accessible homes were built in 2013 than in 2005, with 24,000 wheelchair users in England waiting for appropriate social or affordable housing.

Our innovative, automated sliding door hardware - Evolve - provides the ideal solution for easier access in and around rooms, particularly for those with limited mobility, in new or existing homes.

It is natural for individuals to want to be independent in their own homes for as long as they can, regardless of age or disability. Our Evolve range of sliding door hardware provides users with a safe, easy to operate, automated system that allows sliding doors to open at the push of a button or by activating a motion sensor. Plus, utilising sliding door hardware, rather than a traditional swing door, provides the added benefit of an entirely clear floor space, allowing for a smooth flow between rooms.


Building Regulations and standards such as Lifetime Homes are helping to drive the push for housing which can accommodate changing needs of inhabitants over its lifespan. Homes that enable easier mobility via wider openings, layout and design are in high demand by many people who rely on wheelchairs and walking aids to move around.

Our Evolve range is available as a single sliding door mechanism or a double bi-parting sliding door mechanism. Suitable for interior use, the Evolve range of hardware is extremely versatile with the ability to move wooden or glass doors in a variety of door weights. It is simple to fit and comes complete with track, hangers, floor guide, track stop, drive unit and wall mounted control as standard. A number of sophisticated optional extras are available that can enhance the system further.

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