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Case Study: Multidirectional Hardware Specified in Madrid Restaurant Refurbishment

by Stephanie Lee on 01/09/2016

Our Multidirectional hardware has recently been used as part of a renovation in De Maria Restaurant, Madrid. Local refurbishment experts, House Mobel Decoracion, took full advantage of the hardware in order to best meet the restaurant owner’s demand for aesthetic and practical appeal.

The project brief demanded a cost effective, flexible and adaptable solution to effectively divide the restaurant floor area - creating two zones within the large space. The solution involved a moving wall being installed into the middle of the saloon using timber doors to match the restaurant’s interior design when closed, whilst also discreetly stacking to the side of the opening when not in use. The second partition utilised timber framed glazed doors to separate another space while taking advantage of natural light during the day.

Mark Wilson, our Export Director at P C Henderson commented “The client wanted a solution that would enable the efficient use of the restaurant floor space, making it bigger or smaller depending on the amount of guests. Having previously worked with us, the designer and installer at House Mobel Decoración chose the Flexirol 900 Multidirectional hardware system for its high quality components and proven reliability.”

“When fully open, the stacking formation provided by the system allows the doors to be stored clear of the aperture, maintaining a homogenous look throughout the restaurant as desired by the client.”

Restaurant 3

In the hospitality sector, venues such as restaurants can use our Flexirol Multidirectional hardware to provide customers with unique experiences. When specified alongside insulated doors to create a moving wall, the system could be used to temper external noise from other parts of the venue to form intimate and secluded areas which are ideal for private events. In a competitive hospitality market, such a feature can be a differentiator, adding a new dimension to service provision which could benefit the bottom line.

When utilised with glazed sliding doors, the systems can allow the flow of natural light into enclosed spaces. Access to daylight in a restaurant setting can help guests feel more relaxed. In addition, it lessens the need for artificial lighting which can potentially reduce energy demand.

Our Flexirol Multidirectional hardware is designed to offer supreme flexibility without compromising on the practicality of the application. It is available in two hanger choices, offering two degrees of maximum movement - 90 and 135 degrees. The system is top hung, with the capability to carry glass, wood, aluminium and steel doors. The 90 degree hardware is ideal for applications weighing up to 100kg, with the 135 degree system able to manage heavier leaves of up to 500kg.

Both systems are ideal for a multitude of applications in the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors such as internal shopfronts, partitions, moveable walls, room dividers and situations requiring the flexibility of a stacking system. To further meet aesthetic demand, the system offers the option of a curved track which can be painted to any British Standard (BS) colour as well as a variety of plated finishes.

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