We’re also pleased to announce that our long reigning flagship product, Securefold, is now available for top hung or exterior timber doors up to 50kg.

Previously available for doors weighing up to 45kg, the ability to cater for an extra 5kg has been introduced to allow for further flexibility whereby a slightly heavier application may be required.

Also available in 100kg and 150kg, Securefold is the ultimate in exterior folding systems and opens up design to a wealth of new possibilities. The Henderson Securefold System has been designed to maximize the flexibility of a room’s living space, removing barriers and enabling the user to have an indoor/outdoor experience by fully opening up exterior walls.

The system, which operates with effortless ease, combines the benefits of folding doors with the ability to keep out the weather with no worries of corrosion. This modern, contemporary feature will increase available living space whilst allowing natural light to envelope a room.

Features and Benefits

  • Available for residential and commercial timber exterior folding application
  • Ideal for coasted environments with all components made from 316 stainless steel, anodized aluminium or engineering polymers
  • Standard folding configuration features doors folding outward. Inward folding doors can be  used where the doors are not directly exposed to the weather.
  • Recognised weather resistance
  • Available in Brushed Satin, Polished Chrome, PVD Black and Gold

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